Speaking Engagements

Review and Evaluate Current A2J Policies/Language Access Policies

Develop Comprehensive Written A2J/Language Access Policies

Develop Strategic Plan for Policy Implementation (Including Training)

Develop and Execute General and Custom-Tailored Trainings to Demystify Legal Obligations and Promote Client Compliance with Titles VI and IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Other Similar Federal Laws

Keys to Meaningful Access


Our policy review, evaluation and development services provide our clients with comprehensive written policies that allow our clients to:

1) assess the need for language assistance services (interpretation and translation) and/or reasonable accommodations in the  stakeholder’s service area

2) develop procedures for providing effective, quality language assistance services and/or reasonable accommodations that assist clients with  maximizing resources and streamlining costs while minimizing liability

3) create and implement practical strategic plans for execution to promote optimal compliance

Our training services:

1) demystify stakeholder legal obligations to provide meaningful access to LEP persons and persons with disabilities

2)  identify best practices and provide tools and resources to assist stakeholders with achieving and maintaining legal compliance

3)  educate stakeholders on how to identify and collaborate effectively with community partners and others to maximize resources and streamline costs



The services provided by Edmondson Consulting, LLC  do not constitute legal advice or establish an attorney-client relationship. The opinions and views expressed by Edmondson Consulting, LLC are those of Edmondson Consulting, LLC only and in no way represent any government/judicial entity.