“If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in it.” ~ Margaret Fuller


Ms. Edmondson-Cooper has authored (and co-authored) a variety of articles across a multitude of legal disciplines as they relate to A2J/language access. As a former legal aid attorney who successfully handled approximately six hundred complex cases in the areas of family (focusing on domestic violence), education, health, landlord/tenant, consumer, and public benefits law, Ms. Edmondson-Cooper offers a unique perspective on how poverty, cultural competency, and several other factors impact access to justice for members of rural and other underrepresented communities. Her experience as a former legal interpreter, former legal aid attorney, and current federal prosecutor gives her an incomparable and rare ability to assess A2J/language access challenges efficiently regardless of the setting and develop sound, practical solutions that maximize stakeholder resources and streamline costs. Ms. Edmondson-Cooper shares her expertise through a variety of written platforms ranging from national and statewide legal journals and periodicals to judicial benchbooks. Additional details about those publications may be found below.